Having already analyzed Donald Trump from a homeopathic perspective, I am responding to requests to explore  his presidential rival Hillary Clinton.  After considering well-known facts of her life, mainstream media information and knowledge of her public persona a likely remedy choice has emerged.

But first some background for readers unfamiliar with homeopathy:

Homeopathy is a system of medicine governed by a principle known as the Law of Similars that states: use like to cure like.  Homeopaths prescribe a particular “remedy”  that can be made from a wide variety of substances (including but not limited to plants, minerals, gases and venoms) that is prepared in an extremely diluted form. The same substance, in large doses would actually cause the same  symptoms one seeks to treat.

That homeopathic remedies can be prescribed for an acute illness is recognized.  Less known, at least in the U.S. is homeopathy’s ability to address longstanding problems. Constitutional Homeopathy looks at chronic ailments and illness prevention.  More dilute than acute remedies but even more energetic when accurately chosen, constitutional remedies have a deep and lasting action that can fundamentally alter and improve a person’s state of health. Constitutional prescribing takes every aspect of a person into consideration. The treatment is truly holistic, factoring into remedy selection the client’s emotional state, temperament, food preferences and presenting complaint.  There are hundreds of homeopathic remedies to choose from and their action is laid out in great detail in homeopathic source books.

What is the remedy that would support Hillary Clinton’s constitution and improve her state of physical and emotional health?

The constitutional remedy that Secretary Clinton needs is made from the venom of the American rattlesnake and is called Crotalus Horridus.

In homeopathic studies (called Provings) the action of each remedy when taken in a gross (not diluted) amount has been established.  In this case, a gross and non-lethal amount of exposure to this particular snake venom would have a most interesting effect, producing in healthy individuals who have little in common with  Hillary Clinton, a state of health which would mirror her actual and potential ailments, plus some of her personality traits. In accordance with the Law of Similars, subjecting the venom to a series of dilutions at an FDA approved pharmacy yields the homeopathic remedy ready to be administered.

Horridus sounds and actually means “horrible.” But the “remedy state,” meaning qualities found in a person needing Crotalus Horridus is actually a mixed bag. Let me describe its various features that indicate it is the appropriate remedy for Hillary Clinton.

On the positive side

  • An independent and adventurous spirit
  • Leadership qualities
  • Sympathy and a tendency to protect the weak (her work on behalf of children and minorities)
  • Love of travel
  • Playfulness
  • A spiritual or moral bent
  • Good with language

Qualities that can be either good or bad

  • Personal relationships tend to be highly charged (in contrast to Donald Trump whose remedy, Fluoric Acidum reflects relationships tending to disintegrate)
  • Impulsivity (reckless use of a single email account for personal and State matters)
  • Emotionally intense but suffer from the need for self-control (true about all snake remedies). Handling of Bill’s Monica Lewinsky affair tested and inflamed this quality
  • Cannot bear to be controlled. This is actually the core theme of the Crotalus Horridus remedy

On the negative side

Food preferences

Ms. Clinton’s recognized food and drink preferences suggest the remedy Crotalus Horridus. These include creamy and spicy food, as well as red wine.

Though I am by no means suggesting a drinking problem, Crotalus Horridus is often prescribed for alcoholism. If the remedy is on point then control of alcoholic indulgence suggests itself as a lifestyle recommendation for Hillary Clinton.


  • Hemorrhagic tendency–Reflecting the actual snakebite’s toxic effect to cause bleeding. Ms. Clinton has suffered from blood clots and receives treatment against their recurrence.
  • Tendency to confusion and faintness, a Crotalus Horridus feature.
  • Nausea and vomiting. Ms. Clinton’s 2012 illness diagnosed as viral gastroenteritis.
  • http://www.lifescript.com/health/centers/digestive/articles/hillary_clintons_stomach_bug.aspx is consistent with GI symptoms associated with this remedy (again reflecting suppression of fight or flight emotion).
  • Voice issues, hoarseness, cough paroxysms, typical in snake remedies.
  • Vision issues (since her fall) are covered by Crotalus Horridus (but also by other remedies such as Arnica and Natrum Sulphurica that I would give her first for this problem).
  • Menopausal remedy, Crotalus Horridus would come in use for numerous complaints pertaining to her life stage (so long as the overall picture fits).
  • Hypothyroid condition for which she is medicated. Actually, another rattlesnake remedy, Crotalus Cascavella is more strongly indicated for thyroid issues. In my experience clients requiring a snake remedy tend to continue to need remedies in the snake kingdom for a while. Likely after having derived benefit from Crotalus Horridus Clinton would not long after require Crotalus Cascavella to address her thyroid problem.

Photo courtesy of Flickr aphrodite-in-nyc

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