The Toxic Relationship Cure

Toxic Relationship Cure

Publication Date: Sep 27 2013
Publisher:  Right Whale Press
ISBN/EAN13: 0984678816 / 9780984678815
Page Count: 182
Binding Type: US Trade Paper
Trim Size: 6″ x 9″
Language: English
Color: Black and White
Related Categories: Family & Relationships / General

Clearing Traumatic Damage from a Boss, Parent, Lover or Friend
with Natural, Drug-Free Remedies

With A Bonus Chapter, Clearing the Toxic Spiritual Beyond

Jerry M. Kantor, CCH, Lic. Ac., MMHS


“It is in the country of the mind that martial law is first declared”

Using engaging composite histories, The Toxic Relationship Cure shows how classical homeopathy benefits clients suffering mental, emotional and physical damage resulting from life relationships.

The book fills a vacuum in the homeopathic library where despite the presence of numerous, self-help and acute prescribing texts little exists to help the layperson understand homeopathy’s relevance to maladies rooted in psychic or spiritual crisis.

Each remedy is introduced in terms of the specific, unanswerable existential question that it poses. The emotional charge of this question is conveyed by an associated composite case history. This is a first person account within which the remedy’s keynote features are embedded.

The book’s toxic relationships are organized according to: Boss, Parent, Lover, Friend, and the Spiritual Beyond (dysfunctional relationship with God, spirit or a deceased individual). Each case discussion concludes with an analysis of the Essence of the Remedy: its Key Idea; a Strong pole (overcompensation); a Weak pole (manifested impact) and; the Primary terrain (the body system or systems principally affected).

The Toxic Relationship Cure is meant for victims of toxic relationships as well as mental health professionals and homeopaths. Frustrated by the stubbornly self-destructive behaviors of their toxic-relationship victim patients, mental health clinicians will discover newfound hope. The professional homeopath will delight in the book’s succinct synopses of the profession’s best known and also newer remedies.  Homeopathic and other health care educators will find the book a useful client education resource.

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