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This is an extremely comprehensive account of some of the many different approaches to helping with autism. Marrying traditional Chinese medicine, with its accent on healthy organ-function – to other therapeutics, the author presents a Smorgasbord of treatments.

Of these, the homeopathic approach, as pioneered by Tinus Smits, with his CEASE therapy, is central. The author, himself trained in the CEASE method, describes how it works by helping detoxify a system overloaded by, for example, heavy metals, antibiotics, pesticides, and vaccinations.

As well as considering some obvious physiological problems such as leaky gut, there is a marked emphasis on the esoteric. Protocols are described, but it is emphasised that there is no routine way of undoing the havoc of ASD ( Autistic Spectrum Disorder).

The practitioner must be alert to all sorts of influences on which a prescription may be based – including the mother’s emotional and physical state in pregnancy, ongoing dysfunction within the family, environmental triggers, miasmatic heritage, and so on. A flexible and creative approach is therefore required by the practitioner.

This methodology is described as “The Sine Wave Method” in which prescribing between drainage/ constitutional/ and further drainage and detox, is likened to the motion of a wave.

Along the way, many other unusual treatment modalities are touched upon, including the Unda numbers, (which assist, a bit like Tissue Salts in detox, but are a lot more complex than these); Meditatively Proved remedies, and a number of “Matridonal Remedies” such as Placenta, Vernix and the Lac’s.

A number of cases are given to illustrate the approach, and many resources, web-sites, etc. are included in the appendices.

If you are treating ASD children, then this will prove an invaluable Desktop Reference.

ISBN: 9789076189529
Author: J. Kantor

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