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Jerry M. Kantor is the author of the acclaimed, Interpreting Chronic Illness, the Convergence of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Homeopathy and Biomedicine, Right Whale Press, Wellesley; The Toxic Relationship Cure, Curing Traumatic Damage from a boss, parent, lover or friend with natural, drug-free remedies, Right Whale Press, Wellesley 2011. His book Autism Reversal Toolbox, Strategies, Remedies, Resources, Emryss Publications, WE Haarlem, 2015 expands upon Tinus Smits’ CEASE protocol that utilizes a homeopathic/isopathic approach to autism spectrum disorders in which Mr. Kantor is certified. Mr. Kantor is also the author of a monograph, Advanced Academic Curriculum for Homeopathic Research Studies, Right Whale Press, Wellesley, Massachusetts, 2012.

As principal owner of Vital Force Health Care, a homeopathy and acupuncture practice, he specializes in pediatrics, mental illness, autism spectrum ailments, and autoimmune conditions and infertility. He also serves as Executive Director of the National Institute of Whole Health, located in Wellesley. Jerry is faculty member and board member of the British Institute of Homeopathy. Mr. Kantor is also a former Vice Chairman of the Board for The American Association of Integrative Medicine, headquartered in Springfield, MO. He is a former Board member of the Teleosis School of Homeopathy, located in Cambridge, MA, and a former Board member of the Council for Homeopathic Certification, headquartered in Covington, WA.

Mr. Kantor is a former Director of Complementary Clinical Services for the Wellesley Center for Progressive Health, the single largest organized provider of complementary and alternative medicine in United States. He was the acupuncturist with an academic appointment at Harvard Medical School, where he has been a Teaching Associate in Anesthesiology since 1999. Mr. Kantor is the first acupuncturist to have received staff credentials at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston. In 1994 Jerry Kantor was appointed Academic Consultant to China Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine, U.S. Foreign Office. He is certified as a Classical Homeopath (CCH) by the Council on Homeopathic Certification and is a member of the Registered Society of Homeopaths of North America.

In 2010 Mr. Kantor was certified in CEASE (Complete Elimination of Autism Spectrum Expression) therapy. This is comprehensive method of treatment developed by Dr. Tinus Smits of Holland: http://www.cease-therapy.com/.  Mr. Kantor’s discussion of Acupuncture in the Context of Pain Management has been published in the New England Journal of Pain Management. Portions of it have also been published on the Brigham and Womens’ Hospital’s Pain Management Services website. He has developed or participated in acupuncture research design in regard to hemophilia, asthma, and neck pain. A prominent commentator on the integration of alternative and conventional medicine in America, Mr. Kantor is one of the earliest members of the medical community to forcefully argue, in print, that the standard clinical research protocol should be modified with respect to holistic modalities. Mr. Kantor developed a protocols described in, Integrative Medicine Guideline for the Treatment of Acute and Chronic Low Back Pain, for Tapestry Health Care, where he served as Clinical Director.

In the 1980s, Jerry Kantor was Acupuncture Director of the Lemuel Shattuck Hospital Pain and Stress Relief Clinic in Jamaica Plain, MA, where he worked with Ted Kaptchuk, OMD, its Clinical Director, and renowned author of the seminal text, The Web That Has No Weaver. Mr. Kantor is a 1981 graduate of the Nanjing College of Traditional Medicine’s Advanced Acupuncture Program for Foreign Students and; a 1978 graduate of the New England School of Acupuncture, Watertown, MA where he studied with the School’s founder, Dr. James Tin Yao So.

In 2001 Mr. Kantor renewed a fifteen year relationship with medical Qi Gong practice by participating in an intensive training seminar at Xiyuan Traditional Hospital in Beijing, with Prof. Lu Guanjun, prominently featured on the Bill Moyers’ “Healing and the Mind” television special. In addition to practicing and teaching Qi Gong, Mr. Kantor practices tai qi and holds a fourth degree black belt in the Japanese martial art of Aikido.

Mr. Kantor has been a member of the Editorial Board of Aspen Publishers, Inc. His non-medical writings, spanning topics ranging from chess to non-profit organization tax law, have appeared in The Boston Globe, The Village Voice and other publications.

On September 19th of this year an interview with me was broadcast for the International United to Heal conference on healthy aging. It’s on the topic of a book I have coming out in Fall/Winter 2023 that discusses chronic illness from a deep consciousness standpoint. The book is titled: The Emotional Roots of Chronic Illness, Homeopathy for Existential Stress. The video can be watched either in English or with German dubbing: https://unitedtoheal.com/interview/jerry-kantor/?vgo_ee=r1ftwm69GGjjZYqYyNgX%2B3wFoqDlMHNmyq65fGLdufk%3D

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