Materia Medica Autism by Jerry Kantor, Chapter of The Autism Reversal Toolbox book

Published in the Homeo Magazine Dynamics March 31, 2017

Sine Wave Materia Medica

This is a chapter of the book “Autism Reversal Toolbox”, By Jerry Kantor.

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The full range of existing materia medica can and will come into play during the treatment of ASD or related autoimmune conditions. The following compilation of suggested remedies is divided among remedies I have found possessing unusual and specific relevance to ASD and other remedies whose situational relevance is generally. The practitioner is urged to make a full an investigation of any remedy under consideration. A study of the Unda system with its 76 remedies is recommended, as only basic suggestions are offered here.

Parents are kindly reminded not to try to treat their children based on the remedy descriptions here or in other books about homeopathy for autism. A professional is needed not only to see the remedy state clearly, but more importantly to manage the roller coaster ride of ups and downs that can ensue from a remedy.


For child or both mother and child when a pregnancy ailment and ASD is are associated.

When the mother has suffered an injurious blow to the womb

Bellis Perennis

The mother may harbor a suspicion that nothing has ever been the same since.

After-effects of Common Infection

Streptococcinum (including PANDA) High strung mother, perhaps prone to weeping; where there has been a history of Strep infection. Slow growth in the child, also with tendency to relapse.


The staphylococcus bacterium thrives in circumstances of debility from overwork, anxiety, poor nutrition, constitutional weakness. Affinity for the endocardium.

All Unda remedies below are only available in the United States, not in Europe (editor).

Unda #1

Basic drainage, general anti-toxic that reboots hepatic function. Strong effect on the liver, kidneys and gall bladder (Achillea millefolium, Arctostaphylos uva-ursi, Lyc, Valeriana, Angelica archangelica, Equisetum arvense, Arg met).

Unda #243

Like #1 but acts as a functional remedy with specific indication for the hepatic cells. Indispensable (Combretum raimbaultii, Peumus boldus, Cholesterolinum, Lycopodium, Podophylum).

Unda #2

Basic drainage and strengthening of kidney function (both in the allopathic and TCM sense), in relation to toxic accumulation. (Berberis, Thlaspi, Juniperus, Argentum met, Asparagus, Genista tinctoria, Petroselinum sativum).

Anergic Diathesis, Copper-Gold-Silver (CU-AU-AG).

Oligotherapy remedy (6X or 3C solutions not potentized). Where there is a history of recurrent and/or debilitating infections.



Septic states or where has been a history of sepsis.

Caesarian section and other traumas of delivery

Liliflorae (remedy family described in Sankaran’s An Insight into Plants)

The following remedies exhibiting jauntiness and loquacity may reflect

the issue of “Forced out vs. Held in” with regard to forcibly early or restrained birth. They are worth considering in the related ASD case:

Crocus sativa

Veratrum album

Veratrum viride

Paris quadrifolia

Spurge/Rubber/Oils (Euphorbiaceae described by Sankaran, and Petroleum as discussed by Mangiolavari)

As words commonly associated with these remedies include “constricted,” “hidebound,” “drawn backwards” their associated theme of “Compressed vs. Released” should be considered where delivery has been compromised. May manifest as the clinginess vs. bolting polarity:

Croton Tiglium

Hura Brasiliensis




Glandular Imbalance

According to Sensation Method findings, the thematic essence of endocrine glands has to do with high-level fulfillment of one’s duty, relevant when the theme emerges in the intake with regard to the child’s parents or familial Julian’s formula for prescribing endocrine sarcodes for glandular problems at specific potencies:

3C or 5C to encourage functioning of a gland

7C to modulate / regulate a gland function

9C to suppress/inhibit gland functioning.

Unda remedies

Worth studying are the clinical approaches to addressing glandular imbalance within the Unda system. The two etiologies with the greatest relevance to ASD are

The Tubercular and degenerative etiology (paralleling developmental endocrinology and in accordance with the above, sensation method’s insight, culminating in high level functioning) which suggests Unda numbers 14, 16, 21, 48 and 1000

Dysfunction within the diencephalon-cortico-gonadic axis suggesting Unda numbers 1, 10 and 245..

Scrophularia nodosa

Enlarged glands. Ailments of the breast. Eczema. Often after grief.


Calc Fluor

Financial stresses for the parents or within the familial legacy. The conjunction of Calc’s concern with bone stability and fluoride’s sudden instability expresses itself in glandular dysfunction promptiung induration (excessive bone hardness and growth) but also brittleness.



Where the mother has had a longstanding leucorrhea and the child is slow growing and poorly developed.

Magnesium Sulphurica

Languor and staggering gait in the child. Leuccorhea or eclampsia in the mother. Consider especially when there is an inequality of existing between wife and husband. I have seen this expressed when one spouse shoulders disproportionate breadwinning responsibility and, where the wife is physically more imposing than the husband.

Depression During Pregnancy

Unda #9

Basic drainage, all ailments of the respiratory tract. Assists the lungs both in the allopathic and TCM sense wherefore addresses grief from a drainage standpoint. On a moment to moment basis the lungs provide the interplay between the external and internal terrains. Inability to resolve centeredness vs disorientation in the dimension of smell. (Adianatum capillus veneris, Glycyrrhiza glabra, Inula helenium, Tussilago farfara, Arg met, Drosera, Grindelia, Potentilla tormentilla, Cuprum).



Post-partum depression, feeling of black cloud hovering. Awareness that motherhood poses severe constraint on her independence.


History of resentment and disappointment. Lack of clarity as to her psycho-sexual position in life. Delusion that hope is toxic. Generally stagnated condition (Liver Constraint picture in TCM).


Weary, faint-hearted pursuant to a setback. General heaviness and prostration.

Nitric Acidum

Fault-finding, exacting, glass is half-full. Cannot forget or easily forgives wrongs.

Natrum Muriaticum

Self-contained, averse to consolation. Desires intimacy but keeps it at arm’s length. Delusion it is dangerous to express grief. Overly responsible.


Due to their relevance to the neonate and infant, the following remedies are appropriate for use as background constitutional remedies, administered on a weekly basis during toxic clearing. The remedy chosen for weekly use need not be limited to just these however.

Good sources for learning about the Matridonal remedies (which include the first six remedies listed below) are Melissa Assilem, The Gifts of the Mother ? Narayana Publications, Kandern, Germany 2009 and Alize Timmernam [“The Love and Care Hormone,” Spectrum of Homeopathy, Perinatal edition, 1/1/2013 but JK also has an as yet unpublished ms of hers]. Keep alert, as new sarcodes continue to be introduced.


In the child, abdominal, pain that may manifest with reflux, belching, constipation and diarrhea. Depression. Diarrhea. Mother and child: prostration, restlessness and apathy. Poor impulse control. As the organ remains much misunderstood but manifesting global functions in relation to all systems, applies to many conditions where any indication of placental dysfunction. See the discussion of autoimmunity on page 000.

Lac Humanum

Poor ability to maintain good relationships. Tendency to addiction. Lack of or dysfunctional history of breast feeding. Compare with Lac Maternum, below (where the issue of incomplete incarnation evidence in daydreaming and lack of joy is stronger).

Lac Maternum

As above though utilizing the milk of nine mothers. Enlarged issue of incomplete incarnation.


Unusual degree of innocence. Respiratory issues, distorted sense of time.


Highly hormonal remedy. “I am a doormat” issue from having been longtime dominated. Similar to Carcinosin in expressing excessive responsibility. Great Mother theme.

Amniotic Fluid

Delight in water, atmospheric sensitivity, pulsation, old soul.


Over adaptation to the needs for others. Look for the miasm in the parents.


Hyper-attachment in an atmosphere or history of admonition.


Slavish rule-following, ambition, lack of connection to emotions. Look for rigidity among the parents.

Cuprum Cum Carcinosin

Tinus Smits’ amalgam of Carc and Cuprum, applicable when features of both are evident, which is often as the remedies overlap a lot.

Vernix Caseosa

Made from infant sebum, wherefore the remedy state reflects excessive vulnerability due to inadequate boundaries.


Inner conflict theme wherefore alternately hard, unfeeling, cruel on the one hand, and helpless on the other. Ameliorated by rapid eating, stuffs himself.

Rhus Tox

Connection to past trauma cannot be let go. Like scar tissue, the mindset lacks elasticity.


The opposite end of the pendulum from Lac Maternum: the client is so fully incarnated that the feeling of oneness with the universe is socially distancing.

Saccharum Officinalum

Distractability, overly-affectionate, general dryness, indecision, fruitless search for

love because incapable of self-love.

Mother-child bond

Cadmium Muriaticum

Powerless, overly dramatic due to poor relation to mother.


Where the mother exerts a stagnating effect on the child’s digestive tract, this organic tissue-consuming bacteria invades the mucosa and forms a biofilm.

Muriatic Acidum

Mother has a destructive presence in the child’s life.

Veratrum Album

Terrible fear due to demotion from privileged status in regard to the mother.


A sexually abused mother can transmit debilitating anxiety to the child.


Especially when the family has been fractured. Jealousy, obsessiveness.


The love/bonding, “tend and befriend” hormone. To restore equilibrium in life and connection to mother.

Aethusa Cynapium

Intolerance of milk, upset digestion, love for animals. Out of synch with one’s mother. Key remedy in the Banerjee autism protocol.

Father-child bond

Ammonia Carb

Where there exists a familial atmosphere of bitterness and disappointment.

Carbonicas generally

Where due to the amorphous influence of the father, a sense of identity and personal value are undermined.


When the father is emotionally remote. Perseveration, over-sensitivity, mental fatigue are evident.

Yersinium pestis

Nosde from the bubonic plague. Similar to Ammonium Carb re sabotaging of a relationship with a father or authority figure after an initial idolization of that person.


Posterior Pituitary (the gland that secretes Oxytocin)

Has been indicated the most, predominantly in children when maturational markers or behavioral issues have been delayed and has been especially useful as an intercurrent in cases of bedwetting.

Unda # 202 and #700

Peripheral drainage remedies for when the situation is profoundly syphilitic. Each would best be combined with a general drainage and a functional remedy.



Emaciation due to lack of nutrients, tubercular state.


Conjunction of debility, poor appetite and nervous system complaints such as insomnia and anxiety.


Malarial miasm. History of persecution, social deprivation, injustice.


Increases appetite, physical strength. Emotional context: irresolution, night terrors, hurriedness.


Thyroid issues, restless, desperation and obsessiveness akin to starvation.


Oxygen deprivation often occurring at birth. Underprescribed because the prevalence of cord clamping is not sufficiently recognized.

Magnesium Carbonica

Where a history of abandonment, orphaning, history of depletion, or ill health in the mother. Child with milk intolerance, cranky, sour disposition.

Toxoplasmosis Nosode

Arrested mental development due to miasm or history of toxoplasmic infection.


Famous ASD and ADHD nosode covering restlessness, destructiveness, respiratory complaints. Miasmatic effect re demineralization from infection. But also see the three Unda number remedies that address the tubercular diathesis according to the active phase (#15), the adaptive phase (#16) and the degenerative phase (#14).

Unda numbers 1, 243, 1000

Where there is lack of appetite.



Well known for sensitivity, timorousness. Can relate to history of infection in mother or child, ailments from vaccination.


Leaky Gut

Unda #50

Saccharum off. 6x





Worms. Child is averse to touch, easily agitated.


Worms. Child is talkative, itchy, emotionally sensitive.


Parasitical worm nosode.

Calc Carb

General “dampness” and psoric picture invites worm etiology.


Biofilm gut issue: a slimy community of micro-organisms, attached to a wet or moist surface that include bacteria, yeasts, algae and fungi only microscopically visible. In my experience, detoxification of the biofilm addresses failure to thrive and promotes metabolism. Expressed in accordance with Sankaran’s attachment vs non-attachment theme: General sensation: sharp, sticking, stinging, stitching.

Key remedies in the family:


Consider for ASD in sycotic families, delusion of criminality.

Scrophularia nodosa

Consider for ASD in cancer miasm families, with the effects of grief, over-adaptation to the needs of others.


Consider for ASD in syphilitic families, with hopelessness, despondency and exhaustion.


Consider for ASD in tubercular families, hyperactivity, temperature aggravation, delusions of ghosts.

Unda # 17 and #39

Functional remedies that are best combined with a general drainage and a peripheral drainage remedy.



In relation to portal congestion.


Significant remedy. Look for history of trauma, exposure to fright, humiliation, shame. Lack of response, high pain tolerance.


With bloating, flatulence, exhaustion.


From want of peristaltic action.

Nux Moschata

Difficulty expelling soft stool. Much straining.

Malaria Officinalis (decomposed vegetable matter Malarial type weakness and fatigue.

Unda #s 1, 3, 6 and 50


Nux Vomica

General tension.


Stubborn constipation where there is cognitive impairment, confusion. A neurotoxic ingredient in many vaccines.

Natrum Sulphuricum

Can be used as a cell salt. Dissolved in warm water before bedtime is effective (Along with Arnica and Cicuta Virosa, a major remedy where any history of head trauma).


Slow comprehension accompanying neurological impairment.


Stools knotty, hard, gluey, tenacious.


Violently bashful with abdominal distress.


Bashful stool. Ailments from vaccination. Timorousness (the remedy causes what is held in to be brought forth).


A case where the allopathic and homeopathic uses can overlap. Where constipation is accompanied by colic, gas and weakness. A liver remedy.


Meditative Provings protocol:

Okoubaka 200X weekly, and Wheat low potency daily to drain and detoxify. Once client is balanced and at peace discontinue and administer constitutional remedy. Drainage remedy for catarrh with toxicity: Wheat 6X, Gaertner 30X, Silica 6X.

SOLIPSISTIC STATES (living in one’s own world)


We differentiate between the passive and dynamically presenting solipsistic states

Inert, non-reactive pole


Entirely self-sufficient. Does not want stimulus. As if content to remain in the womb.


Passively self-sufficient with no need of stimulus because feels already connected to all things. A state of oneness.


As the gas protects the planet, the issue of being hermetically sealed, protected. Inner gates leading to other inner gates so as to fragment the personality.

Hyper-reactive pole


Dynamic and self-referential guilt. As in “I am guilty because I am guilty”. As sensitive to karmic issues as Phosphorus is to impressions. In the ASD presentation it as though a past life’s theme “hangover” is choreographing emotional reactivity.


“I am alone because am condemned.” Volatile, incapable of a relationship.


Retreat due to identity denial. Contradiction aggravates. Compare to Black Mamba.

Lanthanides (trapped within or lacking autonomy, as per Jan Scholten)


Fearful of taking the first step toward autonomy.

Cereum Carbonicum

In his or own world due to lack of identity support from a parent. Fear of independent existence wherefore retreats.


In his own world due to needing to prove his transcendence from it. Impervious to influence, mischievous.

Insularity (one step removed from full solipsism)

Cereus Serpentinus (Cactus self-sufficiency theme elucidated by Massimo Mangialavori and Sankaran)

Chronex Fleckeri (Box Jellyfish). When there are huge polarities in the case, amelioration from the sea, learning disability. Elucidated by Jo Evans in her Sea Remedies book.


Introversion with arrogance, pugnacity. Similar to Platina.


Cold, haughty, emotionally distant.

Obsessiveness (Note: This feature of ASD may be seen heightened in children having experienced the carrot-and-stick behavior modification of the ABA (Applied Behavioral Analysis) method).


Perseverative anxiety. Sensitivity to emotional state of others among family and close friends.


Slave to rules. Emotionally cramped. Anger with screaming.


OCD from the standpoint of needing to self-soothe. Backdrop of jealousy or grief due to family trauma.


OCD from the standpoint of self-soothing to survive. Rages with intense remorse.


Obsessed re the possibility of his or her harming or upsetting another. Wretched, overwrought with concerns. Everything is her fault.

Psorinum/Nitric Acid

Complementary nit-picking remedy states. Psorinum from the standpoint of having an inner ledger, constantly tracking gains and losses. Nitric Acidum from the standpoint that negative experiences are unforgettable, incontrovertible.

Rhus Tox

Inelastic mindset in regarding the continuous presence of past traumatic events. Cannot let go of them.

Tarentula/Aranea diadema or ixobola? Jerry which aranea?

Restless spider states. Tarentula destructive from grief. Aranea, despondent and morose with restlessness. Both averse to touch.


Chameleon-like, wants to please others so forgets her own wants and needs. Poor decision-making, not in her self-interest. Never Well Since vaccination but also family fracturing. Mental gymnastics and anguish due to poor self-esteem.


Perseverating, complaining, easily upset. But also helpful. Mental fatigue. Often where the father is remote or formidable.


Tormenting thoughts, obsessiveness, craving sympathy but also unworthy of it. Look for where there is a history of infection.



All dialogue requires some discord, wants, or reaction. This remedy is so self-satisfied as to negate the need for dialogue.

Lanthanum Phosphoricum

Incomplete speech development. Psychic doubt that is entitled to independence wherefore as in prophetic self-fulfillment, isolates.

Kali Bromatum

Nothing one can say can overturn one’s being in disfavor with the Supreme Being. Hence, little impetus to speak.


In the wake of a compromised will, little impetus to voice a true concern.


Isolated and speechless due to a sense of abandonment. Out of this reality as in a drug state according to Mangialovori.

HYPERSENSITIVITY (to the extent this is due to autophagy, the biotherapeutic drainage method’s effectiveness would appear to reenergize synaptic pruning.


Emotionally sensitive, great sensitivity to sound. Vacancy of thought differentiates it from the spiders.

Butterfly remedies

Lively, agitated, restless but mercurial. Abandonment issues. Patricia Le Roux’s Butterflies, An Innovative Guide to the Use of Butterflies in Homeopathy, Narayana Publications, Kandern, German, 2009.

Hepar Sulph

With underlying vulnerability. Irritable.


Meditative proving remedy. Profoundly tranquilizing due to it detoxification effect. Aggravating for a short period of time, wherefore Madeline Evans recommends use of Carcinosin after several weeks.

Theridion (and other spiders)

The most sensitive of the spiders. Unproductive activity.


Troubled by the slightest problem. Unconsolidated energy.


Where a legacy of persecution, injustice, poverty. Louis Klein a good reference. Louis Klein, Miasms and Nosodes, Narayana Publications, Kandern, Germany 2009.

BCG Vaccine Nosode (similar to Puls and Tub) Utilized in Europe but not the US.

Lac equinum

Milk of the horse. As with other milks presents with relationship issues. Here, due to the conflict between individuality and herd membership. Horses are high strung so the issue prompts excessive frustration dysfunction related to organizational thinking.


These are remedies whose nature is explicitly esoteric as they deal with subtle energies and exposures. They can be made from sunlight, moonlight, or X-ray for example.

Sol Britannica

A remedy reflecting disharmony within the sense dimension of Smell: general disorientation, indecision, unhappiness, grief, wheezing. Look for when there is a legacy of dislocation in the family’s history.

Electromagnetic Field Exposure


As with other Lanthanides, sensitive to subtle energies. Possesses unusual magnetic properties (wherefore used in atomic reactors) but has no known biological function. As yet unclear remedy picture but consider in EMF sensitivity..


Myriad disturbances in accordance with x-ray exposure, key would be return of old symptoms.

Magnetus Polus Arcticus

Completely fenced into his own world, forcing a slow pace by elaborating unnecessarily on details and talking slowly (as per Ulrich Welte case).

EMF, Television radiation, and Mobile phone

Tautopathic effects in regard to the frequently associated symptoms of fatigue, sleep disturbance, head pain and mental confusion. Determine according to exposure.



Where the damage is understood to be chiefly to the nerves.

Kali phos

Can be used as a cell salt in conjunction with the other Phosphorus cell salts, for example in Nerve Tonic by Hyland’s.


(see also ENWS materials, page 000)

Ant Tart

Specifically in regard to effects of the smallpox vaccine. Though no longer given routinely since 1972, its use has increased especially among military personnel in response to the terrorist threat.


Intolerable itching. Where there is a history of emotional suppression. As opposed to for example, Thuja or Silica, the determining feature with a familial legacy could be evidence of an “I’ve had it up to here!” issue.



Well known. With erupting poor self-esteem, obsessiveness. Poor decision making. Inauthenticity.


Well known. With hypersensitivity, timorousness, perceptivity of small details.


Cicuta virosa

Neurological remedy, seizures, brain injury, childishness.


Meditative proving remedy, also karmic remedy. Gives peace. Influences all chakra centers. Strongly supportive of pituitary gland function.


(frequent sign: child giddy at night; if candida is treated and child turns violent and aggressive, this means clostridium has replaced candida in the gut and must be treated)


With nervousness, oversensitivity, craving sympathy.

Candida Albicans

Eczema with characteristic of linear fissure in mucosal lining and skin folds.

Crisis Management


Unda # 15

To optimize fever, meaning energize the emunctories so that pathogens are catabolized and waste products are efficiently eliminated. Always do in tandem with Unda # 2 for fever. Five drops of both remedies, six times a day.



Best in early stage. When there is fright, sudden onset and/or very intense symptoms.


With fright, listlessness or mania.

Ferrum Phos

Early in an inflammatory state.

Agitation/destructiveness (of self and others)

Unda #22 (best in conjunction with Unda #9)

For neuro-vegetative system drainage. A great intercurrent prescription as it helps resolve ASD-pervasive anxiety, neurosis, nightmares, and nervous disorders. (Unda #9 works to promote neural homeostasis).


Ailments from terror. Facial grimacing.


Neurological excitation. Tics.

Black Mambo

Destructiveness, lying, delusional denial of actions. Product of extraordinary abuse.


Feeling of being “left out in the cold” (as well as a well-indicated remedy when the person is extremely chilly physically. Extreme non-engagement.


Significant remedy, use often. Ailments from fright, shock, humiliation, shame. Drug-like disengagement, escapist, powerful imagination, audacity.


Frenzy and obsessiveness akin to terror that will starve. Intolerance of silence.



Rage to counterbalance terror issuing from sense that survival is at risk.


Cannot stop moving. Must dance to music. Exhibitionistic, destructive, inappropriate.


Restlessness, destructiveness, precocity, environmental sensitivity.

Veratrum Album

Polarity between frenzy and thoughtless staring. On a high horse. Ailments from loss of position or idyllic life situation.

Self-destructive behavior: note the acids are especially useful

Gallic acidum

Biting, kicking, cursing (like Stramonium or Tuberculinum), terror of being alone. Rooted in a shocking parental bond breakage or abandonment resulting in adoption.

Fluoric acidum

Precocious sexual awareness with superficial relationships. Becoming more frequently seen due to cultural shifts in the direction of non-lasting relationships.


Nitric acidum

Well known remedy for negativity, fault finding, grudge-holding picture.


Pineal Gland

Secretes melatonin, a potent cell-protecting antioxidant. A hormone released into the bloodstream and cerebrospinal fluid so as to balance the sleep-wake cycle. Regulates sexual/reproductive function.

Ayahuasca (combined with Thymus and Pineal) (think of the relationship between visions, dreams, and sleep). See also entry under Karmic remedies.


Calms Forte

Hylands brand combination, “homeopathic Valium” for anxiety by day and insomnia by night.


Gemmo formula.


Kali phos

Cell salt.

Cocculus indica

Frequent waking due to worrying about others.



Often occur due to brain overload. See Roger Morrison’s Desktop Companion to Physical Pathology for an excellent list of possible remedies.
Or, if suspecting an autophagy problem (inadequate neurological pruning due to overload) look to brain tissue sarcodes and Unda number remedies.

Sexual Frenzy

Cypridium Pub

Ecstatic and wakeful at night. Desire to masturbate.


Lascivious impulses that she struggles to contain.


Feeling of being diminished as a person. With small appetite and a fear of eating when not hungry. Masturbatory urgency.


Cannot sleep due to sexual thoughts and impulses. Yellowish, yeasty urine sediment.



Shameless, exhibitionistic, suspicious. After humiliation, mortification; or in sibling rivalry, with a fear of being sold or given away.

Lilium Tigrinum

Besides herself. Does two things at once. Religious delirium with sexual frenzy.


Vaginal sensitivity. Haughty, contemptuous.


Sexual mania with rage and delirium.


From excess of amorous feeling.


(Note that regressive tendencies occurring during biotherapeutic drainage or pharmaceutical clearing may not need to be treated with a remedy. Instead, let the drainage run its course and the regression should resolve on its own, leaving the child in an improved state. If regressive tendencies remain when the drainage phase is completed, use remedies such as the following.

Baryta Carb

Babyish, desire to hide, craving approval, developmental delays.


“Velcro” child, clinging.

Viscum Album

Regression due to past lives or karmic influence (Meditative Provings insight).

Lac Leoninum

Licking of the hands and fingers.

Lac Delphinum

Milk of the dolphin. Playful antics, clairvoyance, desire for amusement, masturbation.



Reverson to primal impulses and behaviors. Licking, mouthing. An affinity with Lac Maternum.


(miasms in the perhaps, metaphorical sense)

Karma is understood here in terms of concepts recurring throughout this book. These include memories, behaviors, creative energies, and the impact of traumatic acts consolidated within Kidney Yang or the dimension of Hearing; the transmission of Hearing consolidated material to the Hun or ethereal soul (equivalent to Jung’s Collective Unconscious) from where it becomes accessible to a newborn soul; family legacies of illness, addictiveness or specific talents (that also fall under the rubric of a miasm). Where karmic influence in and of itself is thought to have an especial presence, remedies such as the following may be interpolated:


What Phosphorus is to external impressions, Bromium is to the presence of karmic influence. Utilize when a child sees ghosts or spiritual entities; where there is a sense of the primacy of rebirth as a past or current issue.

Meditative proving remedies (Madeline Evans)

Note: In addition to the ones below, all remedies in this two-volume set merit study. Evans’s analyses emphasize effects on or reflections of the chakra system. Useful intercurrently in the Sine Wave method. Before using, study each in depth.


Releases darkness from ancestral influence, fear, grief, hatred. Where the autism has an out-of-body quality. Influence on the Heart, Thymus and Brow chakras.

Bay Leaf

Highly syphilitic remedy due to its reflection of hidden states, deceptiveness, emotional closedness; as opposed to Merc., however with mental slowness and confusion. Influence on the Brow and Solar Plexus chakras.

Berlin Wall

Where a legacy of futility, repression, and restriction. Split in the spirit. Powerful energy releasing remedy with regard to entry to a new age. Influences Thymus gland and Heart chakras.


Autism with dyslexia; extreme fragility due to legacy of trauma, medication abuse; vagueness of personality, lack of substance. Supports Base chakra.


Prompts inner stillness. The meditative proving discussion describing promotion to higher levels of spiritual awareness via lighting the way to truth especially among children reflects Swedenborg. Influences the Heart and Brow chakras. Similar to Slate, also worth studying.

Rose Quartz

Where parents maintain the child was reluctant to incarnate; a legacy of non-appreciation and manic-depression. Obsessive thinking. Poor concentration. Opens the heart. Positive influence on all chakras. Can be used in a positive way, to support unconditional love and an open heart chakra in the exhausted parents.


Highly karmic remedy, deeply syphilitic. Supports Base, Throat and Heart chakras. Important as it promotes release of many sorts. Underused.

Gem essence remedies

Note: In addition to the two remedies below the other ten jewels described by Peter Tumminello merit close reading. “Soft focus” remedies that — like the meditative provings remedies — have an affinity for karmic issues, sexuality, and creativity. Reflective of spiritual concerns within a family legacy they are useful intercurrently as in the Sine Wave method. Before using, study each in depth.

Lapis Lazuli

Where parents insist the child’s autism represents an inner struggle for meaning, where there is also a need for amusement; when there is a legacy of coldness in the mother.


Where there is a legacy of the self having been fragmented or lost due to isolation, panic and fear. Images of darkness prevail.


[with the potential to be universally applicable)

Fibroblast Growth Factor (FGF2)

Fibroblast growth factors are derived from molecules used by neurons to communicate with one another. In normal amounts they promote visual acuity and vision repair. When in excess (as in neural overload) cellular signaling breaks down, as in Stage Four homotoxicosis. Barbara Brewitt’s research cited in Patricia Lemer’s Envisioning a Bright Future indicates that low potency remedies made from this sarcode can improve nervous system, immune and organ function.


Key ingredient in pesticides (discussed under Toxic Burden). Especially where the exposure causes a Never Well Since situation. Remedy to use for detoxification.

Glutaminicum acidum (Glut-ac.)

Remedy used by Reckeweg to improve brain function in impaired children.

Monosodium Glutamate (MSG), Aspartame

Environmentally pervasive excitotoxins discussed within Toxic Burden.

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