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Autism Reversal Toolbox is also receiving extensive critical acclaim.  To read a few of the reviews, please choose from the side menu or click the links below:

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Autism, an in-depth perspective


The following review is by Angelica Lemke, ND a gifted practitioner whose effective method of treating ASD combines muscle testing, homeopathic knowledge, and grounded intuition.

Your Autism Book is Great!!

I am a doctor of Naturopathy and a Homeopath whom you referenced in your Autism Reversal Toolbox book regarding treatment of PANDAS. As a practitioner who has been treating ASD/PANDAS/PANS for the past 6 years I have to say ARTB not only contains a lot of great information but has laid important groundwork for further clinical advance. There is a broad range of therapeutics included in the book – but this reflects the complexity of autism itself which requires that a practitioner have an open mind to learning many modalities, as well as going deep into constitutional prescribing. I had felt a responsibility to write something similar given the need for such a work. Am glad you took up that burden first!

Sections I particularly appreciate concern:

* The list of symptoms that suggest verging on ASD and measures parents can take to prevent the onset of autism in children. This merits a journal article critique and is a topic that needs to be widely and openly discussed by all prospective parents.

* The Traditional Chinese Medicine perspective that is always fascinating to me. The first time its ideas are encountered these can be difficult to absorb. Once some familiarity with the terminology is gained the concepts become commonsensical. After that they become really interesting to ponder and explore.

* Introduction of the concept of ‘soft focus’ remedies. Here is an excellent descriptor for a class of remedies whose themes cannot be concisely stated but are useful and supportive nonetheless.

* The importance of treating the whole family, particularly the mother, is key in treating autism and I am glad you touched on it as well.

* The far-ranging materia medica for a broad scope of clinical management, issues and the breadth of material covered that encompasses medicines such as the Unda remedies with which many practitioners are likely to be unfamiliar. You are spurring classical homeopaths to open their minds. This is a welcome development to which I can relate since my own work treating ASD served to deepen my homeopathic skill as it broadened my understanding and appreciation of other modalities.

Overall the complexity of disease patterns encountered by healers requires both collaboration and out of the box thinking – this book is a good step in that direction.

Margo Cohen BSN, Chom
Classical Homeopath

“I have found Autism Reversal Toolbox by Jerry M. Kantor to be an invaluable resource for treating clients Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD). This comprehensive and modern multifaceted approach to the treatment of ASD sheds new light for all practitioners faced with an increasing population of children on the spectrum as well as complicated cases where just one constitutional homeopathic remedy is not effecting a cure.

One of the most valuable works delivered by Jerry M. Kantor includes a specific materia medica for Autism Spectrum Disorders. This comprehensive look at remedies with the focus on pregnancy and birth related issues, developmental delays, failure to thrive, gut support, solipsistic states, insularity, obsessiveness, muteness, hypersensitivity, electromagnetic field exposure, never well since vaccination, and childishness has proven essential for my practice when addressing clients on the spectrum. Thank you Jerry Kantor for your dedication and commitment in presenting such a gift to the homeopathic community!”

Review posted on
December 9, 2015


Mary Coyle, DIHom, HHP
Founder, the Real Child Center

“I LOVE the book! I have it on my desk, and happily suggest it whenever a parent asks for a resource on homeopathy and bioenergetics medicine. I’m equally delighted to see that you broadened the scope to include so many other therapies and remedies – including drainage remedies. I’m such a fan of them all.

The book is broken down into easy to read chapters, and can truly function as a helpful guide for the more savvy parent who wishes to learn more about TCM, classical remedies or maisms. And it also serves as a great introduction to the possible etiologies of these developmental disorders; thus empowering the newbies out there on how to become better consumers and advocates for their newly diagnosed child. I just know that so many parents will benefit from your experience and insights.


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