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A New England publishing house founded in 2011, Right Whale Press is dedicated to developing and extending the role of medical philosophy as it applies to clinical care. Its cutting edge books are intended to elevate awareness of homeopathy, Traditional Chinese Medicine, homeosiniatry (the overlap between homeopathy and Traditional Chinese Medicine), and the mind/body implications of conventional, biomedically based medicine.

Blogs appearing in the Newsfront section will feature commentary on recent medical and health care developments in regard to which Right Whale Press books hold especial relevance.

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Interpreting Chronic Illness

Interpreting Chronic Illness

A Kindle/Paperback version of Jerry’s book can be purchased here:

Jerry Kantor Autism Reversal Toolbox

Autism Reversal Toolbox

Jerry’s book on Autism can be purchased here.

The Toxic Relationship Cure

The Toxic Relationship Cure

A Kindle/Paperback version of Jerry’s book can be purchased here.

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