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Toxic Relationship Cure - Table of Contents

Homeopathy and natural medicines for toxic relationships

1. Clearing the Toxic Boss

She intimidates me—Lycopodium Clavatum 3
All he cares about are numbers—Psorinum 7
She won’t take no for an answer—Carcinosin 11
He stifles my initiative—Crotalus Horridus 15
She is a bully—Causticum 19
He is a hypocrite—Kali Carbonicum 23
My bosses are laying waste to the planet—Positronium 27

2. Clearing the Toxic Parent

He constantly belittles me—Thuja 35
She just mocks me—Baryta Carbonicum 39
I cannot live up to my dad—Zincum 43
My dad is a bring down—Ammonia Carbonicum 45
They did not know how to love me—Saccharum Officinalum 47
They did not allow me to choose—Alumina 49
She tramples on my self-respect—Anacardium 51
They never wanted me—Magnesium Carbonica 55
They terrified me—Absinthum 59
They terrorized me—Stramonium 63
Unless I am perfect…—Arsenicum Album 67
They exiled me—Bothrops 71
He condemns me for my faults—Cobalt 75

3. Clearing the Toxic Lover

He abuses me—Staphysagria 81
She treats me like I don’t exist—Natrum Sulphurica 85
He cheats on me—Lachesis 89
Jilted out of the blue—Ignatia 93
He disappoints me over and over—Sepia 97
Sexual assault—Cenchris Contortrix 101
She broke my heart—Aurum 105

4. Clearing the Toxic Friend

He set a trap for me—Drosera 111
She stabbed me in the back—Ruta Graviolens 113
He pulled the rug out from under me—Veratrum Album 117
They diminished me—Gratiola Officinalis 121
They wore me out—Phosphoric Acidum 125

5. Clearing the Toxic Spiritual Beyond

God hates me—Kali Bromatum 131
God has forsaken me—Bismuth 135
He is dead but holds me to his standards—Calcarea Silicata 137
Demons possess me—Mancinella 141
Ghosts in the nursery—Bromium 145

Appendix One

Mind-Body Polarities: Radical Disjunct 147

Appendix Two

Further Reading 149

Appendix Three

Finding a Homeopath 151

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