Why was I born?Children’s Remedies for the Trauma of Divorce

Why was I born?
Children’s Remedies for the Trauma of Divorce

Divorce is hugely impactful to children. I will identify some of the principle themes of divorce trauma. The homeopathic remedy suited to the child in need of each is also given.

Today’s blog elaborates on themes drawn from my books, one that interprets a condition from a homeopathic perspective: Interpreting Chronic Illness and the other providing a homeopathic context for relationship trauma: Toxic Relationship Cure.

Thuja The only reason you came together was to have me!

For such children divorce indicates that no reason exists for them to have been born. The self–esteem of such a child plummets as she seeks to become anyone other than her non-acceptable self. She is ashamed and ashamed of being ashamed. This translates into the inauthenticity of chameleon like behavior, mental gymnastics and obsessiveness. Unable to access her self-interest she is prone to bad decision-making.

Nat Sulph I just don’t count for anything!

Once a Thuja layer has been peeled away a more authentic but grief-laden level bubbles up from within the psyche. If it’s a Nat Sulph, remedy state the child is prone to depression with a tendency to feel his opinions and feelings are constantly being dismissed.

Lachesis I cannot bottle up my grief!

The Lachesis child is emotionally intense, full f rage and grief she is constrained from fully expressing. Her feelings vent in manipulativeness, loquacity, flamboyance, seductiveness, but also with asthma and sleep disturbance.

Manganum Nothing I do is right!

Bad enough that the parents are divorcing but when one or the other is also domineering the fretful situation of a Manganum remedy state can arise.

As with Lachesis the problem is suppression of emotions. Only here confidence is undermined. Bitterness, withdrawal and a sense that one’s every word and action must be questioned results.

Mag Carb and Mag Mur Your fighting with one another means you don’t love me!

Divorce can terrify a child into thinking that her relationship is doomed. Equating anger or aggression with the withdrawal of love she becomes a peacemaker at all costs. When relational insecurity to the father is stronger the remedy is Mag Carb. When the child’s insecurity is primarily about the relationship with her mother then the remedy is Mag Mur.

Ammon Carb and Ammon Mur You won’t get anything out of me!

In the aftermath of a divorce it is common for a child to blame one of the parents, more often the nearby as opposed to the geographically distant parent. Unaware of the actual source of his anger the child is insulting to his parent, full of attitude, sour and impossible to please. If directly confronted with his behavior the child clams up giving away nothing as if to say, “You won’t get anything out of me!” When the bitterness is directed toward the dad the remedy is Ammon Carb. When its target is the mother the remedy is Ammon Mur.

As they never quite manage to say in the TV commercials, if you are concerned about the impact of divorce on a child talk, to your homeopath!






Hillary Clinton’s Homeopathic RemedyCross me and you have crossed a rattler

Hillary Clinton’s Homeopathic Remedy
Cross me and you have crossed a rattler

Having already analyzed Donald Trump from a homeopathic perspective, I am responding to requests to explore  his presidential rival Hillary Clinton.  After considering well-known facts of her life, mainstream media information and knowledge of her public persona a likely remedy choice has emerged.

But first some background for readers unfamiliar with homeopathy:

Homeopathy is a system of medicine governed by a principle known as the Law of Similars that states: use like to cure like.  Homeopaths prescribe a particular “remedy”  that can be made from a wide variety of substances (including but not limited to plants, minerals, gases and venoms) that is prepared in an extremely diluted form. The same substance, in large doses would actually cause the same  symptoms one seeks to treat.

That homeopathic remedies can be prescribed for an acute illness is recognized.  Less known, at least in the U.S. is homeopathy’s ability to address longstanding problems. Constitutional Homeopathy looks at chronic ailments and illness prevention.  More dilute than acute remedies but even more energetic when accurately chosen, constitutional remedies have a deep and lasting action that can fundamentally alter and improve a person’s state of health. Constitutional prescribing takes every aspect of a person into consideration. The treatment is truly holistic, factoring into remedy selection the client’s emotional state, temperament, food preferences and presenting complaint.  There are hundreds of homeopathic remedies to choose from and their action is laid out in great detail in homeopathic source books.

What is the remedy that would support Hillary Clinton’s constitution and improve her state of physical and emotional health?

The constitutional remedy that Secretary Clinton needs is made from the venom of the American rattlesnake and is called Crotalus Horridus.

In homeopathic studies (called Provings) the action of each remedy when taken in a gross (not diluted) amount has been established.  In this case, a gross and non-lethal amount of exposure to this particular snake venom would have a most interesting effect, producing in healthy individuals who have little in common with  Hillary Clinton, a state of health which would mirror her actual and potential ailments, plus some of her personality traits. In accordance with the Law of Similars, subjecting the venom to a series of dilutions at an FDA approved pharmacy yields the homeopathic remedy ready to be administered.

Horridus sounds and actually means “horrible.” But the “remedy state,” meaning qualities found in a person needing Crotalus Horridus is actually a mixed bag. Let me describe its various features that indicate it is the appropriate remedy for Hillary Clinton.

On the positive side

  • An independent and adventurous spirit
  • Leadership qualities
  • Sympathy and a tendency to protect the weak (her work on behalf of children and minorities)
  • Love of travel
  • Playfulness
  • A spiritual or moral bent
  • Good with language

Qualities that can be either good or bad

  • Personal relationships tend to be highly charged (in contrast to Donald Trump whose remedy, Fluoric Acidum reflects relationships tending to disintegrate)
  • Impulsivity (reckless use of a single email account for personal and State matters)
  • Emotionally intense but suffer from the need for self-control (true about all snake remedies). Handling of Bill’s Monica Lewinsky affair tested and inflamed this quality
  • Cannot bear to be controlled. This is actually the core theme of the Crotalus Horridus remedy

On the negative side

Food preferences

Ms. Clinton’s recognized food and drink preferences suggest the remedy Crotalus Horridus. These include creamy and spicy food, as well as red wine.

Though I am by no means suggesting a drinking problem, Crotalus Horridus is often prescribed for alcoholism. If the remedy is on point then control of alcoholic indulgence suggests itself as a lifestyle recommendation for Hillary Clinton.


  • Hemorrhagic tendency–Reflecting the actual snakebite’s toxic effect to cause bleeding. Ms. Clinton has suffered from blood clots and receives treatment against their recurrence.
  • Tendency to confusion and faintness, a Crotalus Horridus feature.
  • Nausea and vomiting. Ms. Clinton’s 2012 illness diagnosed as viral gastroenteritis.
  • http://www.lifescript.com/health/centers/digestive/articles/hillary_clintons_stomach_bug.aspx is consistent with GI symptoms associated with this remedy (again reflecting suppression of fight or flight emotion).
  • Voice issues, hoarseness, cough paroxysms, typical in snake remedies.
  • Vision issues (since her fall) are covered by Crotalus Horridus (but also by other remedies such as Arnica and Natrum Sulphurica that I would give her first for this problem).
  • Menopausal remedy, Crotalus Horridus would come in use for numerous complaints pertaining to her life stage (so long as the overall picture fits).
  • Hypothyroid condition for which she is medicated. Actually, another rattlesnake remedy, Crotalus Cascavella is more strongly indicated for thyroid issues. In my experience clients requiring a snake remedy tend to continue to need remedies in the snake kingdom for a while. Likely after having derived benefit from Crotalus Horridus Clinton would not long after require Crotalus Cascavella to address her thyroid problem.

Photo courtesy of Flickr aphrodite-in-nyc

Donald Trump’s Homeopathic Remedy

Donald Trump’s Homeopathic Remedy

Let’s solve the Rubik’s Cube of Donald Trump. This will involve connecting the dots between a love of property and glamour, obsession with building walls, tendency to superficial relationships, cupidity and ruthlessness, Fluoric Acidum is unmistakably Donald Trump’s indicated remedy. Discussion of the remedy sheds light not only on Donald Trump but homeopathic practice and philosophy.

How would you like to get behind Donald Trump’s eyes or walk a mile in his shoes? An excursion into the Trump mind-set could decide whether or not to vote for him. Homeopathy offers two ways this can be carried out.

  1. A direct method undertaken only in accordance with supervised homeopathic research protocols involves daily self-administration of minute amounts of a toxic substance, in this case fluoric acid. After a month your inner Donald Trump will bud and soon blossom.
  2. The second, more convenient method involves reading about the homeopathic remedy derived from fluoric acid. This information (the remedy’s materia medica) issues from journals of research subjects who have undergone method one.

The day when Donald Trump actually becomes a patient any bias I may hold against him will be set aside and confidentiality will rule our relationship. But he does not work with me, poses a suitability risk in regard to the office of president and his numerous interviews, frequent appearance in political debates, pronouncements on social media, vivid relationship and business proclivities showcase a temperament inviting to study (also see this link for some of the basic facts about his life). Although details of the presumptive Republican nominee’s medical history are scant, a particular remedy Fluoric Acidum recommends itself as holding up a mirror to the Trump psyche.

The indicated remedy

An indicated remedy profile depicts illness susceptibilities but also so much more. Materia medica divulges an analysis of the remedy-type personality; an accounting of its core values; a depiction of characteristic behaviors; and a window into a key emotional struggle the client is typically at pains not to reveal.  After a remedy has run its course numerous improvements in health are usually noticed. This occurs because the remedy prompts resolution of a hot button issue. When circumstances cause the hot button to be pushed behaviors and outbursts arise that anyone other than a homeopath would chalk up to the individual’s personality.

Depending on how similar they are to Trump in the first place, week by week and month by month participants in the study steadily report behaviors and symptoms suggesting they are morphing into Donald Trump.

But judge for yourself:

The Fluoric Acidum remedy

What follows is a sampling of Fluoric Acidum materia medica adapted from a master homeopath, Rajan Sankaran. The remedy is described as connecting the dots between the following features:

* A demand for glamour

They will push anything and anyone aside in the all-absorbing desire to shine and glitter. They love to be the big macho guy for everybody to look up to. They want to draw the attention with their big car and high position in glamour world. They are very ambitious, want to climb up high and earn lots of money.

* Tendency to superficial relationships

Fluorine is the lightest, the most active and reactive, forming and breaking relationships very quickly. This can be seen in the symptomatology of Fluoric acid. The remedy state is flirtatious, has many acquaintances but no deep relationship. The term “buoyancy” has been used to describe it. The word is derived from “buoy,” a conical object that floats on the surface of the ocean and never sinks or reaches any depth. The feeling of being in a fluorine state is abnormal for a human being, at any time.

* Immorality

Aversion to responsibility, sexual desire increased; attracted to strangers, and increased energy. A naive psychopath, prone to serious gambling.

*Mental buoyancy

*Isolation and narcissism

*Cupidity (overt demand for sexual experience)

*Dependency on property


*Compulsion to break taboos

*Under the delusion that he must get rid of servants

In other words, “You’re fired.”  Fluoric Acid is the only remedy to appear in this rubric.


Illness susceptibility:

Comes into play in regard to ailments of the bones, mucous membranes and epithelium, complaints of old age, and premature old age; sexual exhaustion, weakly constitutions, sallow skin, and emaciation.

Treatment with the remedy

In accordance with the homeopathic dictum, Use like to treat like, repeated and succussed (vigorously shaken) dilutions of fluoric acid (producing the remedy) effectively treat a state reflected in the substance’s proving. Anyone having access to or influence with Donald Trump who wishes to make him aware of this beneficial remedy is encouraged to contact me.

How did Trump get this way?

Fluoric acid exposure engenders a Trump-like mindset and physiology in research subjects. Donald Trump likely came to exemplify Fluoric Acidim by other means.  An inherited tendency to the state that homeopaths refer to as miasmatic is responsible. Understanding Donald Trump’s Fluoric Acidum remedy state directs us into intricacies of homeopathic and Traditional Chinese Medicine theory that I now relate in condensed fashion. A more expansive account can be found in my book Interpreting Chronic Illness, The Convergence of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Homeopathy and Biomedicine.

Fluoric acid’s sphere of influence, extending to the bones, kidneys, bladder, epithelium, sexual function, and general vitality pertains to the Water phase in Traditional Chinese Medicine’s Five Phases system. My own reworking of the Five Phases, called Sense Dimensional Analysis designates Water as the Sense Dimension pertaining to the sense of Hearing. An existential conundrum is embedded within Hearing. It pits Entropy versus Consolidation. What does this mean?

In brief, entropy means our physical dissolution upon death. This is “opposed” by the energy of consolidation evident in the bones whose hard and dense tissue endures through time. Entropic dissolution of our body upon death is also combatted and vanquished via reproductive function, the fact that enduring characteristics are conveyed into the future by means of DNA.

Trump’s handshaking phobia and obsession with building a wall

These well known Trump traits reflect a germophobia feature pertaining to a category of illness susceptibility homeopaths call the syphilitic miasm within which Fluoric Acidum belongs. Let me explain.

An issue pertaining to boundaries expressed within the Sense Dimension of Hearing is reflected in the softness and moisture of epithelium on the one hand and its polar opposite, the hardness and dryness of bones on the other. Despite their opposing textures and function both tissues demarcate boundaries within a “permeability versus structure” spectrum. The “permeability versus resistance” conundrum’s infiltration of the subconscious produces angst: existential questions evoking the quandary of the outsider. These questions include:

“Am I granted entry or am I to be kept out?” “Am I a club member or must I transgress a boundary in order to belong?” “How do I secure my physical body from the intrusion of unwelcome germs?” As we have seen the latter question reflects the syphilitic miasm’s keynote germophobia feature.

 The syphilitic miasm and the Sense Dimension of Hearing

A syphilitic delusion is embedded within Hearing that fuels a belief that permeability is suspect. Thus, only rigid structures are to be trusted.  Borders must be fortified. Walls must be built to stave off foreign elements such as Muslims, Mexicans and ocean surf lapping at the margins of his golf course. Trump’s fears of contamination and disdain for permeability betrays ingrained terror of the nether side of the life and death boundary. His fears render him suspicious. His flight from fear expresses failure to resolve entropy versus consolidation. It compels short-term thinking, and speedy gratification of wealth, property, glamour and sexual wants.

Homeopathy’s notion of the syphilitic miasm is Hearing’s core conundrum inflamed to the point of consolidating syphilis’s influence within familial legacy. In homeopathic theory the remedy Donald Trump needs, Fluoric Acidum is a mentally buoyant, ruthless and transgressive strain of the syphilitic miasm.

Donald Trump’s inherited legacy displays the dilemma of an overcompensating outsider. Congenital difficulty facing up to entropy draws him and those within his line toward consolidation: over reliance on defensive structures such as walls; materiality and time compressed pleasures such as sex. Conjunct with illness susceptibilities described this is the remedy Fluoric Acidum.

Implications for our understanding of Trump

  1. Trump’s apparent heritage of transgression invites continuance of transgressive behavior. This reflects what to a homeopath appears to be syphilitic legacy. Though conventionally viewed as compensatory of insecurity (sexual or otherwise) Trump’ bluster serves to thwart congenital outsider status.
  2. Regarded through the lens of Fluoric Acidum Donald Trump will continue to shoot from the hip despite all attempts to behave in a more presidential manner. His transforming into a leader capable of long-term thinking or development of well-considered policy is not to be expected.


How we know what a remedy such as Fluoric Acidum actually does

We let “experiment” temporarily stand for the less recognizable term proving (from a German word meaning to test) that homeopaths use when referring to the research process I am about to describe.

In our experiment six to ten healthy men and women having little or anything in common with Donald Trump are gathered together. For our purposes each of them is in the vicinity of Mr. Trump’s 69 years of age. Over the course of six months these individuals commit to maintaining stable lives. At the same time they will daily, self-administer minute amounts of an unspecified substance provided to them. All the while they maintain a journal detailing thoughts, feelings, behaviors, symptoms and even encounters cropping up during the six-month period. At the conclusion of the project the journals are forwarded to the research supervisor (known as a proving master). His close reading of the journals enables the supervisor to extract from and collate specific symptoms but also behaviors, and emotions directly tied to the substance’s influence. Events consistently aligned with the presence of the substance in the subjects’ lives are also noted. Unusual and rare entries in every category are designated as significant. In the resulting materia medica entry these are highlighted.

Note concerning homeopathic texts

Principal homeopathic texts are known as materia medica describe the total influence that a substance has been found to have on a healthy individual. These are extraordinarily truthful resources, making no distinction between desired and toxic effects. Nor any limit placed on substances from which a remedy may be derived. This includes but is not limited to plants, minerals, venoms, nosodes (illness discharge) or sarcodes (anatomical tissue). A lesson we derive from this is:

Depending on the exact circumstance and amount used any substance can be either a medicine or a poison.

Homeopathic materia medica has two relatives in the medical arena. These are 1) toxicology texts describing the deleterious effects of substances on living things and; 2) the physicians’ desk reference that focuses on the desired effects pharmaceuticals have on appropriately symptomatic individuals. Though a direct physiological consequence of the same drug, undesired outcomes dubbed  “side” effects are viewed as only incidentally related to the beneficial drug.



Pot Calling the Kettle QuackMercury in medicine and homeopathy

Pot Calling the Kettle Quack
Mercury in medicine and homeopathy

Is there ever a bad time to set the record straight? In mythology Mercury is the god of communication. Now is as good a time as any to get our facts straight.  Medical truths concerning the element named in Mercury’s honor should be properly communicated.

factoid is an untruth repeated so often that it gets taken as true.  A factoid example is equating homeopathic medicine with medical quackery.  Not only false, the exact opposite is true.

The term quack was first and justifiably applied to medical doctors guilty of prescribing high levels of the toxic metal mercury for syphilis but also for a wide range of other ailments. In ancient times mercury was called quicksilver and so doctors routinely giving Mercury to their patients became known as quickers. In common usage the term was shortened to quick. Then, as patients underwent neurological decline and soon expired this word morphed into quack.  

Medical history shows that more often than not it was homeopathic physicians who were burdened with cleaning up the mess left by their allopathic (non-homeopathic) medical colleagues. In order to help the quickened and failing patients they had inherited homeopaths applied the Law of Similars (using like to cure like). Their work involved developing a non-toxic version of mercury, but also other highly dilute medications known as remedies still in use today. To learn more about the homeopathic Mercury read Jonathan Hardy’s excellent profile of the remedy.

Possibly to deflect from the unpleasant history of quackery mainstream apologists speculate that the word quaksalver containing the Dutch, kwakken (to impulsively fling an object) as in heedlessly flinging a worthless remedy at a sick individual is at the root of quack. http://mentalfloss.com/article/33558/why-fake-doctor-called-quack.  But a clinical hallmark of mercury poisoning is in fact, mercuriality, meaning changeability and impulsivity! It is far likelier that the term quaksalver is itself derived from quicksilver. 

It’s time the pot stopped calling the kettle quack.

Translating “Phlegmish”What your quality of sputum reveals

Translating “Phlegmish”
What your quality of sputum reveals

Got impacted sinuses, or gunk constantly in your throat?  Does your nose and throat burn?  Symptoms like these lament about your stress. Translating from the phlegmish decodes the message.

According to the Alternative Medicine Review, approximately 14 percent of the population suffers from sinusitis.

Let’s examine this common problem from a mind/body perspective.

Consider your automobile’s carburetor, the engine component that mixes liquid fuel with air. When liquid gasoline is mixed with enough air to form a fine spray, the fuel becomes explosive and very easy to burn. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine theory your body’s Spleen is similar: It is responsible for metabolism, the conversion of foodstuffs into combustible metabolic energy. Just as a dirty carburetor makes for a sputtering car engine, a clogged Spleen causes metabolic inefficiency.

This is evident in low vitality and “dampness” features that include looseness of the stools, fatty tumors, mucosal and sputum irregularities. Being more than just an organ, the Chinese Medicine version of the Spleen is disharmonized by mental and emotional stress, particularly worry and anxiety.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) pulse and tongue diagnosis combined with the physician’s perception that his patient worries too much culminates in a Spleen disharmony-correcting action plan: Acupuncture points stimulation, possibly herbs and a directive to stop worrying so much.

Within homeopathy the prescribing is even subtler, taking into account whether the worrying has an angry, bitter, or disappointed quality. Remedy prescriptions showing awareness of “angry,” “bitter,” or “bitterly disappointed” phlegm result.

Some examples:

  • Kali Bich: People needing this remedy have chronically impacted sinuses. They also tend to be highly family oriented and out of anxiety, prone to keeping their lives small, limited in the breadth of their concerns. They make for good civil servants in other words. Not that there is anything terribly wrong with such a world view but the “compacting” of perspective discomfits the Spleen and compacts phlegm within the sinuses.
  • Kali Carb: Folks in need of this remedy are attached to existing structure. Overly judgmental and viewing ethical matters in black and white terms they are stressed by change, transitional situations, and inconsistency in other’s ethics. A Kali Carb person’s Spleen reflects this discomfiture, causing the mucous membranes to also become “black and white”: Insensitive to moderate levels of moisture they are always either too damp or dry. The throat constantly needs to be cleared since it is always full of gunk.
  • Ammonia Carb: Someone needing this remedy is bitter with the world, often from having had a mean father. Trying to camouflage the bitterness, the vital force refuses to play along. The mindset is betrayed by the Spleen that diminishes fluid production (yin) resulting in angry phlegm. An aversion to water is also seen along with pathologies within mucous membranes of the respiratory organs, weakness of the heart, wheezing, and tendency to feel suffocated.
  • Muriatic Acid: Someone needing this remedy is caught up in a deeply disappointed relation with his or her mother. The Spleen rebels by decomposing bodily fluids. What results is: Involuntary stools while passing urine, mucous membranes of the digestive tract particularly of the mouth and anus becoming dry, bleeding and ulcerated.
  • Nitric Acid: A person in need of this remedy is negative, critical and grudge holding. His unhappy Spleen thus dries and stops up his nose. It also dehydrates the anus causing hemorrhoids. The stomach lining is inflamed causing susceptibility to heartburn and reflux.

As they never quite say in the TV commercials, if you suffer from sinusitis or respiratory congestion, talk to your homeopath. He understands Phlegmish!


Got Toxic Friends? Talk to your homeopath about these remedies!

Got Toxic Friends? Talk to your homeopath about these remedies!

The Toxic Relationship Cure, Clearing Traumatic Damage from a Boss, Parent, Lover or Friend book describes homeopathic remedies that can help undo the trauma we do to one another.

The Lovepanky website lists ten types of toxic relationships waiting to happen unless a certain type of friendship can be avoided. Let’s look at these and suggest one or two homeopathic remedies that can help you not become susceptible in the first place. Talk to your homeopath, if any of this applies to you!

#1 The Cheater

Friendships have been crumpled because a best friend has made an overture to a friend’s boyfriend or girlfriend. Avoiding making best friends with sneaky flirts, sweet talkers and flatterers is advisable.

At least three homeopathic remedies come to mind for people who are prone to betrayal. These are Mag Carb and Mag Mur. Here, due to emotionally deprived background like that of an orphan, folks become friendless and have an interesting tendency to be peacemakers. Ignatia is a remedy for someone who has suffered so severe a grief that her resulting mentally unbalanced state places her at risk of turning even good friends against her.

#2 The Competitor

Though competition in a relationship can be healthy, certain individuals can lose touch with the sporting aspect in which competition is secondary to support.

The remedy Drosera comes up for people who tend to inspire jealousy in others who then seek to outcompete and bring them down. Nux Vomica comes up for people who are themselves such competitive Type A sorts that their friends have little choice but to engage with them through over-competition.

#3 The Leech (or as is said in Yiddish, the Schnorrer)

Someone who constantly borrows from or depends too much on you is one is best avoided. Too one-sided a relationship.

As we tend to attract individuals who are a bit like ourselves, the remedy Psorinum might be considered! Psorinum individuals are caught up in over-neediness. They are always keeping track of what they have and what they lack. This kind of poverty-consciousness is contagious and snares lovers and acquaintances in the self-same whiny mindset web.

#4 The Copycat

Though imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, a friend who looks or behaves like your clone is someone verges on being a stalker. Send out signals that this is not welcome pronto!

What attracts this sort of friend would be a personality possessing weak boundaries. Remedies that can solidify interpersonal boundaries so that copycats are less likely to be attracted would be Phosphorus (for folks who are easily affected by impressions but also have personalities that sparkle); and Vernix Caseosa (individuals who because of an unprocessed issue from infancy are overly vulnerable).

#5 The Shrink

What is the point of having a friend if you cannot confide in him or her? But having that in our relationship also puts us at risk of our partner knowing too much. If he or she then picks us apart, or begins to analyze us to death, that’s a serious downer.

If your partner picks on you to death, you might benefit from the remedy Folliculinum (for people who have been treated like a doormat). On the other hand you might find intimacy intrusive despite, as a sensitive individual tending attract secret-information spillers! You might benefit from a grief remedy such as Natrum Muriaticum. It will help you to process your grief and become less susceptible to incursions into your privacy.

#6 The Selfish Friend

An unfortunate example of those needing help first helping themselves, this type of individual places himself at the center of the universe. And then is only passive when you yourself are in need of help.

Some folks are easy marks for this sort of attention. When that’s the case, poor self-esteem is usually to blame. Many homeopathic remedies come up for folks who cannot say no, or are otherwise taken advantage of. These would include Thuja (folks with horrible judgment), Carcinosin (who take on all projects) and Lycopodium (big time people pleasers).

#7 The Wild Child

Dangerous and unstable types can get you into hot water. That can come from your efforts to help them, or from you yourself being drawn into risky activities.

Keeping away may be easier said than done if you yourself are prone to enjoying thrills. There are numerous remedies that can help tame a wild thrill seeker. These include: Medorrhinum (tendency to sexual excess, alcohol and drug addiction); and Lachesis (intense individuals who need to drink just in order to control their urges).

#8 The Whiner

This type of friend takes up a lot of your oxygen. Never satisfied, they whine and grumble about circumstance you yourself can do nothing to help them with. It’s a constant bring down to have to listen.

And yet you have attracted this person and DO listen to her sympathetically! Are you tending to over-commiserate? Not that there’s a lack of unfairness in the world, but folks with a big bone to pick about injustice attract birds of a similar feather. Not to mention they are prone to anxieties, skin and digestive ailments characteristic of remedies made from potassium. If you need one of these, your homeopath might well be prescribing something like Causticum for you.

#9 The Mood Killer

Mood killers seem to find a flaw in anything you do or have, be it your clothes or your love life. Unlike The Shrink though, they cannot be accused of trying to help you. They are just plain toxic — a lone dark cloud hovering. Depressing.

So the deep lesson here could be that maybe we are ourselves depressed; and/or are unconsciously granting permission to others to vent their angst on us. There are a number of remedies that a homeopath must sift through before selecting among in such a case. One remedy that comes up when someone reports feeling they have a dark cloud hovering over their head is Cimicifuga Racemosa made from black cohosh. This remedy state is not uncommon in post-partum depression, when the new mom is likely to experience her perfectly nice husband as a mood killer.

#10 The Jekyll-Hyde

This friend has serious mood swings. He or she can go from friendly to snappy in a New York minute, and with no warning or reason apparently. Most people would not be close to such a person for very long unless unavoidably, he’s a family member. On the other hand,  narcissists can show you their Dr. Jekyll side for quite a long time. Then, after you’ve been friends for a while, suddenly their Mr. Hyde side pops up and you find yourself blindsided.

Again, it is not out of the question that if you are involved with someone like this and not needing something like a Doormat remedy then a) you may need a remedy similar to the one your Jekyll-Hyde needs, just from having absorbed his toxicity; or b) you ARE like that same person which is why you have attracted him.

The primary remedy for Jekyll-Hyde people (there actually are numerous ones) is called Anacardium Orientale. Folks needing Anacardium somewhere along the line have been seriously dominated by a parent, sibling or other intimate individual. They suffer from terrible inner conflict akin to having a good angel and a bad angel at constant odds with one another. Thus, they are prone to being hard and cruel on the outside, weak and helpless on the inside. Taking this remedy promotes a much needed integration of the personality that effectively deletes the Jekyll-Hyde personality division.

As they never quite say in the TV drug commercials: Talk to your homeopath if your toxic friends are ruining your life!



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