Interpreting Chronic Illness


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Available at long last, the first, genuinely integrative medicine text. Physicians, nurses, alternative practitioners, or chiropractors investigating integrative medicine will welcome Interpreting Chronic Illness for its clinical relevance: the physician may look to broaden the concepts of health and healing; the homeopath will appreciate its fresh materia medica; the practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine will value how the book’s updating of the Five Phases heightens the ancient system’s relevance. Psychologists and psychotherapists may delve into the clinical possibilities raised by the book’s self-diagnosis mandala and the startling capability it offers of interpreting multifactorial symptoms. As a health care practitioner unable to find a well-rounded book on integrative medicine, the author’s discovery of a unique analytical method, Sense Dimensional Analysis, encouraged him to create Interpreting Chronic Illness as a systematically integrated book. Readers may come to share the author’s own excitement in exploring the uses of this comprehensive, philosophically based, and powerful pragmatic tool.

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