Heymischer Homeopathy


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  • Packed with cartoons, anecdotes, and homeopathic wisdom
  • Covers almost 150 remedies
  • An appealing repertory based on kvetches (complaints)
  • An Incomparable waiting room addition
  • An irresistible gift book offering

Heymischer Homeopathy is an introduction to classical homeopathy disguised as a hilarious entertainment. Yiddish is colorful, exuberant and fun, so its expressions make memorable homeopathic signposts that are known as rubrics. Packed with cartoons, anecdotes, jokes, but also well researched medical information this “schmendrick’s” guide to remedying a spectrum of kvetches is warm, funny, yet occasionally deep: a unique health care resource that is also an irresistible gift book offering.

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